Body Jewelry Pro School
with MK Project Japan Beauty View accreditation


Message from the Instructor

MK Silk Body Jewelry, being spotlighted in the bridal scene, is top quality body jewelry.
With its high functionality and cool design, silk ingredients being added, it helps enhance the beauty of the bride at the wedding in a gorgeous manner. There is a choice of 50 design patterns and custom-made design is available.

You may also find yourself brilliant, wearing it at various occasions such as parties and concerts.

J-MOON school, being the first school with the Beauty View accreditation, has made its debut. Students consist of complete beginners and professional cosmeticians with the careers at beauty parlors and salons. We are hoping MK Silk Body Jewelry be recognized as the “Tool of Beauty” among those students.

School schedule can be flexibly arranged for you. Please do not hesitate contact us.
We look forward to seeing you soon at our school.


MK Silk Body Jewelry School
The Instructor YURI

For further details of the school curriculum, please contact us.

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