Appeared on RKB radio program “Hakata Neppu Jyuku” of Mr.Soichi Oba


fb2Last Sunday, I appeared on RKB radio program “Hakata Neppu Jyuku” of Mr.Soichi Oba.
Thank you for listening to the program.

To be honest, I was nervous and almost forget what I talked about in detail.
Mr.Oba, program host, and Ms.Tominaga, announcer, were so kind to me.

Now I see the reason why everybody loves this program.
These two DJs and warmth of the staff people.
They are truly “Beautiful People of Fukuoka”.

In the program, I talked about MK Silk Body Jewelry.
Ms. Tominaga said she loved the glitter of it, and we continued to chat even after
the program was off the air. It was the happiest time of my life.

What I have learned from this radio appearance is the importance of creating something
together. I bear it in mind and work on the projects warm-heartedly with our staff members.

Yuri Yamamoto

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