MK Silk Body Jewelry Bridal Report VOL.5



Hiroko-sama, congratulations!

Thanks for choosing the “butterfly” together with the “heart” body jewelry for colored wedding dress.

Butterfly design is very popular for both men and women.
Especially, butterfly is associated with the fairy that brings you LOVE at the wedding.

We are amazed by the impression change of the butterfly at the wedding and the reception.

Butterfly covered with the veil is gently wishing the couple happiness.
Combined with the hair ornaments of flower, it is lively impressing the whole wedding reception

The heart body jewelry of beautiful pinstripes is suiting well to the colored wedding dress.
Your good taste of color combination, especially, the wrist-to-elbow styling is truly amazing.

Every time you move your left arm, you must have called the attention of the guests’ eyes.
No doubt about it.

We are happy to support your hapiness today.

00 01 - コピー 02 - コピー

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