MK Silk Body Jewelry

~ More Gorgeous, More Elegant ~

At a point that you can WEAR it on skin, MK Silk Body Jewelry is the unique jewelry.  Unlike other jewelries such as necklaces and earrings, you can WEAR it on anywhere you like – arms, legs, front-side and back-side of your body.  In other words, it is an epoch-making jewelry which makes you adorned in more elegant and gorgeous manner.

MK Silk Body Jewelry, brought to you by J-MOON, is an amazing jewelry with its cool design and the functionality of repeated use. Thanks to the allergy-friendly or even allergy-free “MK silk gel sheet” being used, you don’t have to worry about skin problems.

In February 2013, MK Silk Body Jewelry was presented to the audience in the YUMI KATSURA 2013 GRAND COLLECTION IN TOKYO produced by world-famous designer Ms. Katsura Yumi, receiving a high evaluation in terms of its quality, functionality and classy design.  Then, followed by the announcement at the BEAUTY WORLD JAPAN Exhibition held in May at Tokyo Big Site.  Many people in the industry have given us voices of appraisal to the birth of epoch-making body jewelry.

For your information, part of profits from MK Silk Body Jewelry sales is donated to Asian Women and Children’s Network (AWCNETWORK), non-governmental organization. 

※What is MK silk gel sheet?

Thanks to the silk ingredient added, MK silk gel sheet causes less allergy, or almost allergy-free.  It has antibacterial features, and also prevents the bad effects of ultraviolet rays, and has moisture retaining property, similar to that of skin-care products. Moreover, adhesive sticking to the skin has been confirmed its safety by “Tests for Skin Primary Stimulation” and “Tests for Systemic Toxicity” under the international tests standards ISO10993, and also  by the counterpart tests of Japanese Society for Cutaneous Health (JSCH). For this reason, you don’t have to worry about its safety.


J-MOON promotes MK Silk Body Jewelry, featuring bridal and school divisions.

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