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Hi, we are pleased to announce that J-MOON brand has been launched with the objectives of pursuing “beauty” and “brilliance”.  What we want is to stay young for good. That’s the eternal wish of women. That’s why J-MOON was born and what we are here for.  J-MOON provides you with the ESSENCE of the beautiful and brilliant life as such.

Our activities consist of the following things.
– 1. To enhance the external beauty, recommending selected products such as body jewelries. cosmetics, food supplements, health/fitness apparatuses.
– 2. To brush up the inner beauty, providing relevant information seminars such as manner of speaking, social manners, make-up skills, walking diet.
– 3. To enable you to lead a fulfilled life, holding PC classes, camera/photographing seminars, and for those who are interested in fortune-telling, planning the events of palmistry, Four Pillar astrology, and Tarot readings.

In other words, we will help those who actively pursue beautiful and brilliant life style by means of introducing such tangible and intangible solutions.

June 18, 2013

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