To be ultimate brilliant bride

MK Silk Body Jewelry produces the best bridal for you


MK Silk Body Jewelry brings you “Magic of Brilliance”

Neatly aligned stones and abundantly arranged glittering pieces give off the utmost brilliant rays under the spot light of wedding hall.

J-MOON’s bridal collection boasts of more than 50 refined body jewelry items.
Choice of stone color varies more than 20. You have a choice of combining favorite colors, to make your own uniquely-designed jewelry.

J-MOON’s body jewelry, with the ISO10993-certified sheet film,
silk ingredients being added, is safe to your skin.

Highest grade brilliance, design, quality 
To be ultimate brilliant bride,
MK Silk Body Jewelry produces the best bridal for you.


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① Consultation

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you a quick briefing upon your phone call or email inquiry.
If you wish to try body jewelry on your skin, feel free to visit us. (Booking required)
Then we could continue to give your detailed consultation.

② Arrangements ~ design confirmed

According to your request, we will advise you the best design that suits the taste of the wedding dress. Custom-made design is also available upon your request.

③ Creation of MK Silk Body Jewelry

Our professional artist will create the body jewelry.  Handmade and with utmost care.

④ Delivery

Your bridal body jewelry will be delivered by mail or at the shop counter.

⑤ Fitting and styling on the wedding day

Body jewelry is good for repetitive use, and you can try it on beforehand.
For fitting and styling on the very day of wedding, you can ask your cosmetician or other people. J-MOON artist will be glad to help fitting and styling with extra cost.

J-MOON supports your happy wedding to the fullest.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details. Contact form here

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