J-MOON brand has been launched with the objectives of pursuing "beauty" and "brilliance". What we want is to stay young for good. That's the eternal wish of women. That's why J-MOON was born and what we are here for. J-MOON provides you with the ESSENCE of the beautiful and brilliant life as such. Our activities consist of the following things.

  • - 1. To enhance the external beauty, recommending selected products such as body jewelries. cosmetics, food supplements, health/fitness apparatuses.
  • - 2. To brush up the inner beauty, providing relevant information seminars such as manner of speaking, social manners, make-up skills, walking diet.
  • - 3. To enable you to lead a fulfilled life, holding PC classes, camera/photographing seminars, and for those who are interested in fortune-telling, planning the events of palmistry, Four Pillar astrology, and Tarot readings.

  • In other words, we will help those who actively pursue beautiful and brilliant life style by means of introducing such tangible and intangible solutions.


    • MK Silk Body Jewelry

      We'll let you into a secret of the unique body jewelry in the world.

    • Bridal

      Our body jewelry will make you
      glorious on your special day.

    • School

      Kyushu's sole body jewelry pro school with Beauty View accreditation.

    • Gallery

      Beautiful body jewelry collections of the highest Japanese quality.



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